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'The Power of Now'. Transformative guidance for your life after loss.

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The 20th Anniversary edition of Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now' is a timely reminder for us all, as the end of the year - 2020 - rapidly approaches. The raising of Human consciousness has been the underlying theme of the entire year and as a result, there has been a universal yearning, a soul call, for guidance, relief and understanding - the kind that is provided by Tolle in his book 'The Power of Now'.

I was first introduced to this book in 2014 after learning that Oprah Winfrey had 'eliminated all of her stress' as a result of reading it and engaging in conversation with Tolle himself. I was not disappointed.

The journey of becoming is not one for the faint of heart or the stubborn hedonist; but rather for those of us who seek a new way of being, inner peace and freedom from the relentless chatter of the self-critic and busy mind.

If you are one of the global 4% facing the daily panic and upset caused by anxiety; or one of the 3.5% struggling to keep your head above water despite suicidal thoughts and daily depression, then this guide to becoming mindful holds the answers to your mental wellbeing. The Power of Now will help you to first understand what lies behind the constant onslaught of mental chatter; and second, provide you with the steps that will help you to gain clarity and ease while giving you the mental space to breathe once again.

After reading this book again after a few years, I was delighted to discover that as with all great books, Tolles' The Power of Now' does not disappoint in providing layered wisdom; so that no matter how many times you read it, there is always something that appears new, that resonates on a deeper level or simply inspires a new level of commitment to self and selfwork.

Tolle writes 'Don't get attached to any words... They are only stepping stones, to be left behind as quickly as possible" The book is laid out in mini-chapters with pauses clearly signposted, indicating where we should do exactly that; release all attachment, process what we have just read and then leave every word behind as we move on to the next gem.

He goes on to explain how we are not in control of our busy minds - but they in control of us. He also points out, quite eloquently, how identifying with our minds is the greatest delusion of life and a sure way for us to become imprisoned by the tyrannical ego, ultimately causing us misery, unhappiness and disease.

Once he has established the truth of the mind, Tolle then guides us to become the watcher of this demagogic force; encouraging us to take the proverbial step back and simply observe all of the mental tormentor's activities. He goes onto to ensure we take the time to notice how the hold begins to dissolve under our gaze, leaving us with the power over it, in turn releasing ourselves from suffering.

As we navigate the transformative energy of this year, Tolle's 'The Power of Now' shows up like a beacon in the mist giving us all hope and surety that yes, there is so much more to this life that we live, that there is a wealth of beauty and an abundance of peace within each and every human being on the planet, and, most importantly we can all access it right NOW!

I recommend that you add 'The Power of Now to your bookshelf, audible or iBooks account, immediately, and commit to uncovering your own internal sanctuary. Regardless of faith, religion or belief, this book serves as an anchor in the choppy waters of life and the silver lining we all need amidst the clouds of 2020.

If you would like to purchase the 20th Anniversary Edition you can do so here on Amazon.

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