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The Science & Process of Healing from Grief.

Dr. Andrew Huberman sheds light on grief and the challenges of processing losses of different kinds. He will explain the biological mechanisms of grief, including how neural circuits for emotional and factual memory combine with those for love and attachment, to create feelings of absence and yearning.

He discusses how grief is distinct from depression, yet why they can feel so similar, and provide science-based tools to assist with the grieving process, including how to reframe and remap the relationship with those we have lost while still maintaining a strong emotional connection to them.

Huberman explains the importance of having and building strong foundational psychological and biological states so that we can better cope with grief when it happens. Finally, he describes tools to adjust those states, including those for accessing sleep, managing stress and emotional swings.

This episode is for those suffering from grief but also for everyone, given that we all experience grief at some point in our lives. While we hope the information in this episode will be of use to anyone suffering from grief of any kind and at any time, we are also careful to acknowledge that many people require additional support and resources.

For that reason, please email us at if you require further support.



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